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43 Best Rainmeter Skins For Windows in [Updated Today].Rainmeter Skins

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Rainmeter skins windows 10 widgets free

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Additionally, you can integrate your Steam account to instantly open and launch games. The best part is that Xbox Game Bar is also part of this skin and you can launch many gaming tools in one click. And the wallpaper is embedded with the skin so that is great. Simply put, if you are a gamer then give a shot at The Gemini Suite skin. Download 6.

It uses green accents on the clock, calendar, weather, and CPU stats. Combined with TaskbarX for a centered transparent taskbar, this rainmeter skin should elevate your home screen. Moreover, the skin still has active development, so you should be getting new features in the future. Download 7. S powered computer, as the IronMan-Jarvis Rainmeter skin will work out just fine. My Documents , emerging from the arc reactor core. Download 8.

D Eagle tag. Download 9. Download Eker Lina One of most beautifully designed Rainmeter skins out there, Eker Lina consists of numerous sub-modules that look like small widgets, with each having a consistent design. Before Dawn Probably the easiest to set up Rainmeter skin out there, Before Dawn requires zero tweaking. All you have to do is just run it and it appears as a stunning, information laced bar spanning the entire width of the desktop.

It brings a bunch of widgets including a music player, system, calendar, to-do list, clock, calendar, weather, volume and brightness toggles, and more. One unique aspect of the skin is that you get the latest news articles right on your desktop. You also get 3D icons for programs and power functions at the bottom, with a visualizer-like background. Enigma Probably one of the most if not the most downloaded Rainmeter skins of all time, you can spend hours at a stretch configuring Enigma.

Enigma can show just about every piece of system and other information you can think of. All of its sub-modules are highly configurable, and can be individually re-arranged. Speed Yet another skin with frosted glass and transparency effects, Speed looks great when matched with muted and minimal wallpapers.

This can make for some really amazing looking desktops, when Wisp is paired with the right wallpaper. Simple Media True to its name, Simple Media is one of the simpler looking and basic skins that you can find for Rainmeter. But despite being basic and having only the essential information displaying sub-modules, Simple Media looks pretty great, thanks to a great looking font and a design that works well on almost all kinds of desktops, regardless of resolution.

The included modules can be used to display current Date and Time, Recycle Bin status, as well as the current Temperature, and there are multiple variants available for all three. T is definitely a Rainmeter skin worth checking it. Composed almost entirely of big, clean fonts, it conveys lots of information by filling up the inside s of the textual content, based on what information that text is displaying e.

After multiple delays, we finally have Cyberpunk on all leading platforms. You get essential desktop shortcuts for quick access along with time, CPU info, download and upload speeds, and system info.

Circle Launcher Microsoft gives you the option to add software icons to the taskbar or desktop but if you want to further customize the look of your desktop, then circle launcher can help. As the name suggests, it will enable you to add circle icons to launch programs or games on the desktop. The icons turn white when hovered, adding to the appeal of this Rainmeter skin, which currently has about icons in its collection.

Elegance 2 Another skin purpose built for lovers of minimalism, Elegance 2 , much like its name, conveys the essential system information in an elegant way. Minimalist 2 Bored with the same old Windows desktop and want to upgrade to something minimal? If your answer is yes, then Minimalist 2 could be the perfect Rainmeter skin you have been looking for. It is true to its name and gives you the power to track multiple features such as battery percentage, storage, CPU and RAM usage on the left and shortcuts to software and folders on the right.

You can also add weather, time and date widgets and change the wallpaper to adjust the vibe. This is where applications like Rainmeter come into play, and as seen above, there are plenty of ways it can help you jazz up your regular Windows Desktop. So go ahead, and make it personal. Do let us know in the comments below.

I downloaded the Mond skin from Visualskins. The Visualskins also show the Rainmeter skins and also downloads. I am facing the weather part. Can you suggest anything, what to do. Awaiting your answer. Those were the hottest skins back when I was using rainmeter in the day. The year was ? Point being, if those very same skins are still the hottest in that means that there is very little community left in the skinning area regarding Rainmeter.

Sad really. Rainmeter modular nature allows one to consider every module as a template for personal modifications and you can work with several modules from different skins to build your own style, which might be the real shit for any experienced tweaker like me and some other ppl.

So just stop complaining and let beginners have some fun. Thank me later. Download The Gemini Suite. The Gemini Suite is an interesting rainmeter skin that offers a sidebar too, in fact, it has two variants for it.

This skin helps you display the clock, the date, system information such as the hard disk usage, CPU, RAM, open chrome, launch steam, and much more. You can actually connect your steam account and look at the games that you have from the sidebar which is a really cool addition, especially for gamers. Download Sonder. Sonder is subtle and minimalistic but it has some unique things that make it different from the others. Along with that, you will get the usual system information, date, time, recycle bin, and more.

This theme is not going to interfere with your work whatsoever since it has a mild opacity and generally the design allows it to be smooth and hidden. Download Modern Clean Look. This is one of those skins that can completely change the way you use your computer and the look of your desktop. The sidebar is the biggest feature and there you can find everything you would need. Download Eker Lina.

This is the number one popular choice for rainmeter skins and I understand why after installing it and giving it a try myself. Eker Lina offers two different skin colors. You can go with the dark version which I did as shown in the picture above, or with the white one.

That depends on the background image that you have. This skin offers a lot of layout possibilities since it can help you display a plethora of things, from the system folder, clock, temperature, date, system information, and many more. Download Elegance 2.

As the name suggests this skin is built with lovers of minimalism in mind. The design is not going to interfere with your normal usage of the PC. Download Moderate. One of the best things that I liked about this theme was the simplicity and the robust design elements. You can control the music, open specific files, look at disk usage and other system information, empty the recycle bin and open the games directly from the bottom bar.

Download Semplice. The Semplice Rainmeter Suite offers a lot of widgets that are going to help you customize the desktop to your liking. The visual side of things is minimalistic with some brave design choices almost making it look like a flower when combined in the way I did. The main things that it has to offer are the clock skin, weather, date and time, e-mail and finally notes.

Download The Amazing Spiderman. You will find skins for the system information like ram, CPU usage, disk drives percentages, upload speed, download speed, Cortana search bar, date, time, and more. Download IronMan Jarvis. There are different widgets that are going to help you customize your desktop to the fullest. Download Palette. Paired with a dark desktop background I believe this skin is going to look amazing on your desktop.

The widgets that it has to offer vary from, system usage, to ethernet usage, newsfeed, media player, file explorer, and much more. Download Lim! For example, the clock fills in with each second that it passes. The same thing happens for the other parts of the skin, and it has a lot to offer from clock, date, CPU, RAM, Temperature, Disk usage, battery percentage, weather, and a media player. Download Circle Launcher. The Circle Launcher is a fairly unique skin from this list because of what it has to offer and how it does that.

You can change the entire desktop experience with this skin since it allows you to open any program in the form of a circle as shown in the picture above. After trying it myself I can confidently say that it makes your desktop look more modern and futuristic in a way.

Download MemoDijay. Keeping up with the circle theme from last skin the MemoDijay offers some cool features that are going to improve your desktop experience. Its opacity makes it blend in really well with any background and it gives strong minimalistic vibes. Download Neoclock. If you wanted the classic neon look to your clock then this is the perfect rainmeter skin for you.

Neoclock does exactly what you would think it does. Download Cronotopo. As you can see from the picture above it only has one widget that shows the date and time. However, the colors are completely customizable which is a big bonus because it helps to adapt it to whatever desktop background.

Astroclock is a fantastic skin that has a lot of cool animations to back it up. I even checked to see if there was any spike in CPU usage or RAM but nothing out of the ordinary, truly a solid choice. Download Before Dawn. Before Dawn is a nice skin for rainmeter and it has a unique design. Unlike the rest of the skins on this list, this one is a straight bar that has all the information that you would need in one place.

Download Simple Media. Simple Media is an interesting skin for rainmeter. It displays the date and time in a slick, elegant and fashionable style which I really like. In this article, I talked about the 30 best rainmeter skins for by ranking them from the most popular to the least.

The first part has the most popular choices, then the article continues with solid choices. After trying all of them out one by one I can guarantee that all the skins that I have listed here are going to work perfectly for you and also all the links are going to be working. I will try and answer as soon as I can and provide valuable insight. Hopefully, I helped you choose the best skin for your system. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Rainmeter skins windows 10 widgets free. Best Rainmeter Skins for Windows 11 & 10


Rainmeter is an open-source system monitoring program for Windows. It was software that was first developed for Windows XP. To customize your desktop using the many Rainmeter skins available. What started off as a way to display various info on the desktop. Has since become one of the best ways to make your desktop the coolest. And the best part of RainMeter is that both the software and its skins are free for rainmeter download and use. RainMeter themes are the visual tools that help your desktop display various information.

It can be as simple as single-purpose tools to a complex multi-purpose application. Or, if you want to customize the existing skins. Then this software also doubles up as a robust toolkit that allows you to tinker with the skins.

You can do this by changing some of the variables in the skins code. Or if you want to do thorough customization, you will have to code using the scripting language used by the software.

Do you know, how to install rainmeter skins? You can use this guide in order to customize skins perfectly. The Windows 10 update has vastly improved both features and visual aesthetics of Windows. But, there is only one default interface. And users can change the visuals by changing the background image. Which makes the visuals experience of the new Windows a bit boring after some time.

But like the older versions of Windows, here also RainMeter allows users to ramp up the display. This is by using and customizing their skins. With the huge developer community of RainMeter rolling out new skins frequently.

It can get confusing and also literally impossible for users to go through the whole array of skins to choose the best one.

A simple, but supremely robust and highly functional skin. The Windows logo is featured in the background of the Tech-A Skin which also has displays for CPU functions, Date and time, and a myriad of other shortcuts that makes this skin not only look futuristic and good but extremely useful too.

This skin also has a YouTube video installation guide, that helps new users to install the skin seamlessly. Amatical is a fun, highly customizable rainmeter skin for your desktop. Its stand-out feature is the quote displayed on the screen. The skin suite allows you to pick any quote that inspires you to display it on the screen. Apart from this, you will also be able to add different widgets from the settings.

These include the date and time widget, weather widget, google search bar, etc. See also: How to check RAM frequency. High on the old-school vibe, Newspaper Rainmeter skin displays a variety of information on the desktop all of which is arranged wonderfully to make it visually very pleasing.

This rainmeter Deviantart skin has 14 desktop launchers , a mailbox skin for Gmail users only , weather skin, a notepad pop-up, and a systems stats pop-up along with a working pocket watch and a cigarette that burns all displayed on your desktop when you use this skin.

The black color of the widgets displayed looks nice when combined with a light color background image. Moreover, you can also change the widget color and combinations to suit your preferences better. T is a modest but ingenious rainmeter skin suit. See also: Best Clock Widget Apps. Another cool feature is the weather display.

The current temperature is shown in text-filled by three bars representing different temperatures. The lowest is represented by blue, the highest by red, and the current temperature by gold.

This feature allows you to determine the weather outside and access the daily forecast quickly. Like L! T, Mond is also a desktop rainmeter skin with a minimalist design. This skin is perfect for those who prefer a straightforward design and are not fans of overbearing features. Mond rainmeter skin suit comes with a simple weather widget and a rainmeter audio player.

It can also be easily be personalized with a wallpaper of your choice. This skin is modeled after the immensely popular first-person shooter game. The Battlefield 3 theme is very popular with gamers not only for the visuals but because of its functionality that allows customization to make the desktop feel and behave like a gaming console. Along with the usual Weather, Data, and time display you get a full customization sidebar where you can put your favorite applications, shortcuts , and tools.

The Rainmeter Win10 is another highly customizable rainmeter skin suite for Windows The theme allows you to pick and choose from a wide variety of features to make up your display screen. The skin has also added several new features in the latest update. These include a game icon, mini steam, steam id, WiFi language, etc.

You can also track your system activities such as battery consumption, hard disk storage, RAM, memory, processor information. Rusa Jantan has all your vital widgets such as the control panel, search box, and download manager in fun and attractive styles. It also has music player icons so you can easily access your Spotify playlists. The best part about this skin suite is that it allows you to switch users through the logout button on the skin.

Thus, multiple users can personalize the theme as per their needs and interests. Before Dawn is probably one of the smallest and simplest skins on the list with a size of just This deviantart rainmeter skin is also probably one of the easiest skins to run as the installation is fairly simple without any major tweaking.

The information provided by the skin is displayed in an organized manner in the central display bar with icon links for your favorite websites and applications and also RSS feed. The font, icon, layout, etc. The skin has a compact sidebar with auto-align options and customizable labels and colors.

The Jarvis Rainmeter skin has always been prevalent skin even in Windows 7 and 8. This skin includes basic system monitoring information, Weather, Time and Date along with email and other application shortcuts. Designed for the TV or Anime character fans, Senja Suite theme can display your favorite characters on the desktop in a slideshow of images. The skin also provides the usual contemporary skin features like Date and Time, media information, and power control buttons, thus making the skin not only a visual treat but functionally very usable.

This minimalist skin is really soothing for the eyes, with its frosted glass transparent appearance and muted backgrounds with very few effects.

Darkness Falls as the name suggests is an amazing theme. If you like dark-themed things , then this is definitely the skin for you. Also, it features things like widgets, displays and the wallpaper comes in dark mode. An added advantage of Darkness Falls is that you need very little customization to start hence making it easier for the users to being with. The name of the skin is given because of the Razor effect given to the background display by the sharp and glossy effect.

The visuals of this skin is entirely dependent on the type of background you use with it which can be anything from simple colored backgrounds to dramatic pictures. Otherwise, in terms of functionality, the skin provides all the usual features like Clock, shortcuts, weather, power, and customization docks.

Enigma has been rated as one of the most downloaded RainMeter skins. Such was its popularity in , that RainMeter made this its default skin that year.

The all-new version is available for Windows 10 in The best part of this skin is the way the content can be displayed which makes it look really awesome. One of the best simple and minimalist RainMeter skins available for Windows in is this Single Mark 4.

The visuals of this skin are based on the normal Windows visual concept but the gadgets and the layout make it look really good.

If you are looking for a simple skin, with minimal objects and customization requirements then you should definitely try out this skin. Neon Space is for all the fancy glory futuristic loving users who want their desktop to look like a computer from the Sci-Fi movies. Although very fancy-looking, the dark colors paired with the neon glowing colors make for a very soothing display.

Along with all the normal features and widgets Date and time, CPU usage , RSS feed, etc , there is a bunch of fake displays too which adds to the complex futuristic feel. Pog Pack is based on a central cluster type analog-digital display that has all the information needed. This skin has 10 variables all of which are highly customization. ABP is another elegant RainMeter theme based on aesthetic designing and simple visuals to give the users an awesome visual and functional experience.

The apps, widgets, and notifications are in a very categorized manner which makes it easy to access. Also, the information is in a drop-down menu which makes the desktop clutter-free. One of the best themes for black and white lovers. It is with a simple design and loads of black and white skins to choose from.

It also allows customization of the placement of the widgets and the information displayed by each of them. As evident from the name, this Space RainMeter theme is modeled to provide space and space travel-related effects.

The background of this skin is a super quality image. W hich when coupled with the numerous widgets and features makes this an excellent skin. Especially for the space-lovers to use. An upgrade on the older skin- Elegance, this new version is a more elaborate and better-looking version; Hence, Elegance 2. If you are looking for simplicity, this is the right choice for you because of the simple, graceful style.


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Jan 03,  · Get a list of our favorite Windows 10 live wallpapers.. Download 2. FLHUD. FLHUD is another awesome Rainmeter skin that I often use on my laptop. It makes things much easier since you have a top-bar widget with customizable hyperlinks, Spotify visualizer and lastly the date and time replace.me moment I am on my desktop I can switch to any website within . Rainmeter is a desktop customization tool that was first released back in and is written in C++. It is currently the most popular windows customization tool out there and that’s quite understandable given its vast capabilities. Using rainmeter skins, you can display information that ranges from time/date, system resources monitoring. An all-green-based theme for Windows Adian Bolon Aero skin is highly customizable and allows you to access all your required applications in a single click. ADIAN BOLON AERO_rainmeter Unity. Another skin for the simplicity lovers. Unity features all the standard widgets and features of RainMeter skins.


Rainmeter skins windows 10 widgets free.30 BEST Rainmeter Skins: RANKED (2022)

While some feature nature as a whole, some wallpapers tend to display various aspects that nature brings along with.