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I use the machine that runs the software I need for the task at hand. EN serves in one of the minor roles it has in my setup as a platform where documents are available independently from the OS I am using at that moment. But it works, so no problem with scanning on the Mac if needed. The EN Clients are pretty interchangeable in my workflows. I have the bigger monitor on the Mac because I do my photo editing there , so most of my EN administration like moving and joining notes, tagging etc.

I do on the Mac. The one thing that would improve my workflow would be a more unified user interface for the 2 desktop clients. By the way, the Mac is already 64bit, but last time I checked the Windows was still 32bit. Not that I would complain, both are doing the job. Windows and Mac EN are definitely not the same functionally. I don’t exactly loath the Mac version but I do find it harder to use and it just takes longer to get something done.

Could be I’m less familiar with Mac EN, but it does not work as well as the Windows version, some features missing for my use case. I’m a Mac user and haven’t been on a Windows machine for years So what am I missing with Evernote use? One feature I know is sequencing when merging notes.

Windows uses the selection sequence; Macs use the note list sequence. More to do with work flow for me. Can’t be specific since it’s been a bit, but I was doing normal business on that Mac and I would stumble on something that didn’t work as it did on Windows. I would determine the alternate on the Mac and it was not as simple as Windows.

Nothing massive, just not as easy. So I set the Mac up for visitors and I will occasionally use it like a mobile device, access as opposed to work. Could just be my use case. Those are just a few things off the top of my head. I know some of those can be done via scripting, or may not be of value, but objectively, the Mac client is less capable than the Windows client.

Whether or not those capabilities matter to someone is an individual issue for someone to decide. A couple of others that I find useful. In addition to controlling the merge order you can also define what the border between the merged notes looks like.

Also Windows allows you to set color and font for tag and notebook names helping them stand out in the left hand pane. Maybe I am not such a hardcore user, most of the things mentioned above I have not even noticed before.

For my typical workflows I enjoy a sufficient support by the Mac app. If there are things missing that work with the Windows app, I have probably not missed them because I do not use them. Yes, now it was mentioned I used them when I was on Windows. I scanned into folders, and it got converted into new EN notes. And I know that if I need to setup an import folder one day, I could use for example Hazel to get the files into EN notes on my Mac as well.

Less elegant, with an additional piece of software, but it works. In general I agree: Other users with other use cases will use and need to use such functions, so it would be nice to have all the clients unified and happy. I never merge notes on the Mac. I just stick them in a temp notebook and merge when I get to my PC.

I never know what order they will get merged in. How do you have this set up? I have the same scanner wireless to the Mac running Mojave and everything works great. I can scan directly into Evernote.

I’ve been holding off upgrading to Catalina because I think that will force me to use ScanSnap Home and I didn’t think that would allow scans directly into Evernote. I don’t want to scan into their cloud and I’ve heard that import folders are possible on the Mac but, as I recall, were difficult to set up.

I could hook the scanner to the PC but that is the work system and I’d like to avoid that. I got that email saying the Evernote specific version is now dead – Hey!

Upgrade to ScanSnap Home! I take my scanner to remote places with my laptop [dog shows] that have no wifi.

The app itself seems to be on the lean side regarding functions, but these are available when you setup profiles. When scanning, I choose the appropriate profile, and there we go. To use the SW, one has to convert the EN edition scanner to a normal ix by firmware update.

And for those who need more, the scanner should work with another software solution specially able to serve advanced scanning tasks. But these do not come for free when buying the scanner. I have the evernote scanner and when I updated my Mac to Catalina my evernote scanner will not scan. I uninstalled the scan snap and went through the steps but it did not help.

Is there something that I did wrong. My evernote scanner is IX and is around 7 years old. Any thoughts or help. I have the evernote scanner that I purchased around 8 years ago from evernote. When I updated my Mac to Catalina I could not scan. I uninstalled the old Scan snap and installed the Scan. Not sure what to do next. Also If I buy another new scanner from evernote will the new one be comparable to the updated Catalina on my Mac.

Caution: This will as well erase the folders containing copies of all scans, so make sure to back them up copy them to another folder if you still need the content. Link the ix to the Mac using the USB cable. Go to the Fujitsu website and upgrade your firmware to the latest edition available for your scanner. Caution: If it is an EN edition scanner, it will be converted to a normal ix by this. I think the one before is the Firewall. Check each category, and where ScanSnap or EN is mentioned, make sure the option is checked.

Maybe you have to get the ScanSnapHome running first before you can upgrade the firmware. You have to try how it works, or go through Fujitsu support on this. Anyhow, the scanner should run the latest firmware, even if it was a normal ix from the beginning. Ah, that’s good to know! The SS web page certainly seemed to imply everything would be done via wifi Now I can debate about whether to do it or not Though I’m wondering if my scanner is dying – it now has a black bar on the backside scan.

Tried cleaning as suggested, but that didn’t fix it. So at least for now, I’ve disabled 2-sided scanning. I doubt that this can be fixed without replacing the part. If it is the sensor itself or a conversion chip I cannot say from viewing the scan. But there is no signal coming from this part of the sensor.

My ix is employed when scanning more than apps. And the new ix is a very nice scanner I didn’t figure it was. But all the googling seems to imply “this is how to fix it”. You know For now, single sided scanning is fine. For things that are truly double sided, I can use Acrobat to reorder the pages.

When the scanner fully dies, I will probably go for another ix. They’re not cheap, but I’ve been loving this one! Often the cheap solutions do not save enough on the time side of the equation.

So anybody who will spend 15 hrs or more with scanning stuff will find the ix-price pretty attractive. Below this, the mobile app will do fine. If you like a smaller footprint the si does a nice job. Still does double sided with page capacity. That one looks nice – I’ll have to keep it in mind when it gets time When mobile I do not bother to carry that sort of equipment. My iPhone is up to all scanning except where I have to handle a bulk of pages, maybe even duplex. Then the ix does the job – with everything else I am faster and get similar results just using the iPhone.

And I do not need to ramp up a computer to do so – it goes via WiFi or 4G directly to the EN server, creating a note there, many times already in the right notebook, with title and standard tags. To make a difference to using the phone, my office scanner needs to be optimized for heavy scanning, which means 50 pages in the feeder etc.

But if you fall in between, good luck with picking the right equipment. Nothing worse to be at a nice show, and have to struggle with the gadgets. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It’s easy! Already have an account? Subscriptions may not be cancelled for refund except as provided in Evernote’s Commercial Terms.

Manage your subscriptions in Account Settings after purchase. New – You now have more options for exporting notes, including splitting large ENEX files, exporting as HTML, and choosing which attributes to export such as tag, reminder, etc. For example, searching for “checkin” will show you results for “check-in”, “check.

Fixed – We’re working on an issue where notes would sometimes appear to be blank, and you would have to restart the app to see them again. The issue isn’t completely fixed, but you should be seeing it much less frequently now. And we’re still working on it. Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store.

Available to United States residents. By clicking sign up, I agree that I would like information, tips, and offers about Microsoft Store and other Microsoft products and services. Privacy Statement. Skip to main content. See System Requirements. Available on PC. Description Capture ideas when inspiration strikes. People also like. Focus 10 Free. MeisterTask Free. One Task Free.

Within EverNote, all of your notes can be stored in either rich text format or plain text. In rich text, you’ll be able to define colors, sizes, fonts and more. The rich text feature is also able to support hyperlinks, embedded images and HTML code. EverNote is an extensive organizer and useful for those with a lot on the go but are tired of wasting paper.

EverNote It’s free to use, but some features within the application are limited as the program is classed as “Freemium”.



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