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Free microsoft project 2010 training manual pdf free download

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Free Microsoft Project Training Course – Simon Sez IT.Download free tutorials and courses on ms project – Documents PDF

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Project to web data and Free microsoft project 2010 training manual pdf free download information is available to be built in to the project file so that the project can be managed across continents via the internet or intranet allowing the use of a central pool of common resources to enable the project managers to efficiently interact and plan through project difficulties. How To Use This Guide This manual should be used as a point of reference following attendance of the introductory level Project training course.

It covers all the topics taught and aims to act as a support aid for any tasks carried out by the user after the course.

The manual is divided into sections, здесь section covering an aspect of the introductory course. The table of contents lists the page numbers of each section and the table of figures indicates the pages containing tables and diagrams.

Objectives Sections begin with a list of objectives each with its own check box so that you can mark off those topics that you are familiar with following the training. Instructions Those who have already used a Project file before may not need to read explanations on what each command does, but would rather free microsoft project 2010 training manual pdf free download straight to the instructions to find out how to do it.

Look out for the arrow icon which precedes a list of instructions. When dialog box options are referred to, the following style has been used for the text E. Some of these terms are illustrated below. SS marks the scheduled start time for Task A. By default, all tasks are scheduled to start at the earliest possible time, unless you specify otherwise. In the example above, Task A is scheduled to start later and therefore has been delayed.

All tasks on a critical path must be completed on time for the project free microsoft project 2010 training manual pdf free download finish on time.

If one task on a critical path is delayed, then the project is delayed. The original project plan, including the time schedule and resource and cost allocations. The baseline is used for comparing projected values to A project tracking function recording the difference between the budgeted cost of the work performed and the actual cost. Values below the baseline show an overspend and positive values free microsoft project 2010 training manual pdf free download cost savings. The sequence of tasks or activities whose schedules посмотреть еще durations directly affect the date of overall project completion.

The amount of time by which a non-critical task can be delayed before it schedule. A graphical representation of a project schedule showing each task as a bar, the length of which is proportional to its duration.

Many project management packages use a spread sheet section to the left of the Gantt chart to display additional information. A task whose duration is calculated based on the time span between its predecessor and successor activities.

A bar chart that shows resource workloads over a time period. The amount of time between основываясь на этих данных finish of a predecessor task and the start of a successor task. The amount of free microsoft project 2010 training manual pdf free download that a task is permitted to start before its predecessor is finished. A measurement of resource usage on a task per unit of time.

Different methods of loadi project. A loading pattern that allocates resource usage as late in the task as possible. The contour-loading pattern assesses which resources are left over after allocation to the critical tasks and spreads these resources among the remainder.

When using fixed-loading algorithms, you specify the actual amount of resource allocated to the encompassing tasks. Front loading systems will attempt to allocate resources as early in the task as possible.

This loading pattern allocates the resource usage on a by day basis in a task. This will usually be done without causing any one task to be over committed. A project event that represents a checkpoint, a major accomplishment or a measurable goal. Organisational Breakdown Structure codes are used to identify tasks by resource groups in a hierarchical format. OBS codes are often used to reflect departmental structure in a company or code of accounts, and can also be used for filtering tasks.

Project Evaluation and Resource Tracking charts, also called network diagrams. Network Diagrams are a graphical depiction of task dependencies, and resemble flow charts. Dependencies are shown by connecting lines or arrows indicating the work flow. In dependency relationships, the predecessor is the task that must be started or completed first. Best больше на странице as a body of knowledge, a set of principles, or techniques dealing with the planning and control of projects.

Any person, group free microsoft project 2010 training manual pdf free download people, item or equipment, service or material used in accomplishing a project task. The process of resolving resource conflicts. Most project management programs offer an automated resource levelling routine that delays tasks until the resources assigned to them are available.

Task durations determined by the program and based on the number of an allocation of resources, rather than the time available. Both individual tasks and entire projects can be resource-driven. A group of activities which are treated as a single task in a master project schedule. Subprojects are a way of working with multiple projects that keep all the data in one file rather than in independent files. In a dependency relationship between two tasks, the successor is the task that must await the start or completion of the other.

Work Breakdown Structure codes are used to identify tasks free microsoft project 2010 training manual pdf free download a hierarchy. Many project management applications associate these codes with an outline structure. WBS codes can be used to filter the project schedule for tracking and reporting purposes. Consciously or sub consciously we all apply these skills in the daily administration of our work. Where a major undertaking has to be completed, these skills are not only brought into focus but must be applied in a much more structured format.

We must take on the jargon and techniques of the Project Manager as free microsoft project 2010 training manual pdf free download as become familiar with the “Tools of the trade”. To review the skills that are relevant to project management The ability to define the Goal, Objective, Specifications and Limitations of a project. The ability to define the individual tasks in sufficient detail and sequence to meet the objective with the minimum of problems, and within the defined time scale.

Task attributes should include some or all of the following Objectives Time constraints Milestones Task s on free microsoft project 2010 training manual pdf free download this Task is Dependant Estimated Duration: – Task s that are dependent on this task Optimistic estimate Itemised task Budget Pessimistic estimate Resources required completing the Task.

The ability to manage the progression of the tasks in terms of their resources, start times and finish times. The production of appropriate progress reports. As the complexities of these undertakings increase so the importance of discipline and structure increase and the Project Manager must look to the tools that can help which is where Microsoft Project comes into the picture.

Setting out the Goal and the Objectives together with – year dc adobe free acrobat pro 1 subscription Specification and Limitations within which the undertaking must be completed.

Plan The Project Planning of all the activities, resources, and estimation of materials and time scales. Some of this planning may have to be done at an appropriate level for cost estimation before the project can be agreed. Once the decision to go ahead has been taken the skills of the Project Manager are used to define the details of the planning stage.

When this has been completed and agreed it will become the “Plan” or the base line against which progress can be measured. Implementation A leap into the void! Notes: A poorly planned project will take three times longer than the original plan. A wellplanned project will only take twice as long. A project that will be completed without changes, on time and within budget has never been known in the past and will never happen in the future.

Microsoft Project will help! Monitoring And Adjusting Recording Actual Progress Once the project is under way, the progress of each activity is recorded. This information can then be compared against the Plan and the differences highlighted. Revising The Schedule The process of minimising the effect of problems and delays on meeting project deadlines is achieved by adjusting and updating the Schedule to meet the changed circumstances.

As the project progresses and when it has been completed the process of evaluation should be used to learn the lessons for the next time. Microsoft Project – Operational Basics Microsoft Project Has The Following Capabilities: Highlights 1 million tasks per project depending on free RAM 1 million resources посетить страницу project Calendar dates from to Gantt charts to show project schedules graphically on a time scale with scaling from minutes to years.

Network Diagrams to show task relationships. Outlining to group and arrange project tasks in hierarchical order. Filters to view selected information. Resource usage and Graph views and reports to quickly identify resource availability and costs.

Custom fields so you can track additional information unique to your project. If time, money, or what your project accomplished were unlimited, you wouldn’t need to do project management.

Unfortunately, most projects have a specific time limit, budget, and scope. It is this combination of elements time, money, and scope that we refer to as the project triangle. These competing elements are also known as the triple free microsoft project 2010 training manual pdf free download of a project.

Understanding the project triangle will enable you free microsoft project 2010 training manual pdf free download make better choices when you must make trade-offs. For example, if you decide to adjust the project plan to: Bring in the scheduled finish date, you might end up with increased costs and a decreased scope.

Meet the project budget, the result might be a longer schedule and a decreased scope. Increase scope, your project might take more time and cost more money in the form of resources, such as workers. Changes to your plan can affect the triangle in various ways, depending on your specific circumstances and the nature of your project. For example, in some instances, shortening your schedule might increase costs. In other instances, it might actually decrease costs.

In terms of the project triangle, resources are considered a cost item. So as free microsoft project 2010 training manual pdf free download adjust resources to accommodate more or less work or to reflect their availability, your costs go up or down correspondingly.

These costs are based on resource pay rates. You also may notice that as you adjust resources, your schedule changes. For example, if you have several resources over allocations and you level the project, the schedule might now include split tasks and delays that extend the finish date. In most projects, at least one side of the triangle is “stuck,” meaning that you can’t change it.


Free microsoft project 2010 training manual pdf free download


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Free microsoft project 2010 training manual pdf free download

Microsoft Project for Windows. The источник статьи for most projects would be ASAP. Slides Steps to Enter Duration: 1. Description : This tutorial shows you how to dodnload a project in two different ways.


MS – PROJECT – Tutorial PDF | PDF | Project Management | Business – Question Info


As far as I know there is no “user manual” as such, user manuals went away several versions ago. In today’s world, the “user manual” is an online or local database of help topics. There are also several public forums, such as this one, that users can ask for help on specific items. Forums are not “manned” by Microsoft employees but by experienced users who give freely of there time to help others.

Is there something specific you want to know? Keep in mind that this particular free microsoft project 2010 training manual pdf free download of this forum is for Microsoft Project questions only. Was this free microsoft project 2010 training manual pdf free download helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn’t help. Thanks for your feedback. There no longer is any ‘user manual’ provided by MS.

They expect you to know it all already. Or to pick it up by osmosis. It is set for Word You can change the search criteria at the top of the page for other applications and subjects:. Laws of the seven R’s: “Always, always do the right thing for the right reason at the right time with the right people.

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