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You can use the “Focus assist” function whenever you are in a presentation so that notifications are not shown. › en-gb › office › mute-notifications-during-a-meet.


Windows 10 turn off notifications during presentation free download.Auto turn off Notification Sound during PPT in windows 10


Today, it seems like you get notifications for almost everything. But if you need to get work done on Windows 10 , you need to know how to turn those distracting notifications off. Keep reading to learn how to turn off notifications so that you can buckle down and focus. You can always reply to those messages and notifications during your next break. Make sure you choose System in the Settings menu. This will take you to a screen providing access to all the settings related to notifications and the Action Center.

This will open a side panel on the right where you can customize the different alerts that show up here. Most of the panel will be filled with recent alerts or actions that you took.

Click Expand to get the full view. Then click Done. Step 4: Look for the Notifications subheading, where you will see a number of options for various types of notifications. The following is a list of the settings you can check and toggle on or off in this screen:. Turn them off as you need. If you want to hide notifications without turning them off entirely, you can always temporarily mute them using Focus Assist.

First, you will receive Priority Only alerts, and the second mode is Alarms Only alerts. Turn it to whatever works for your current project. You can access these rules by going to the Settings app, selecting System , and then selecting Focus Assist.

Thanks to a late update from Microsoft, you can turn off all notification sounds on Windows so everything will appear silently from now on. You can return to having alert noises whenever you want by checking the box again. Notifications are a phenomenal tool for keeping up with the hustle and bustle of our digital lives. Then, click the X button directly to the right of the notification. You can also swipe a notification to the right to dismiss it quickly with either touch or by clicking and dragging with the mouse.

You can dismiss all of the notifications for a given app by clicking on the X button to the right of the app group listing. You can also click Clear All Notifications to close every notification for all apps. You have a few options for customizing your Windows 10 notifications. You can set banner notifications, which are alerts that pop-up along the lower right corner of your screen, with or without sounds. If you find pop-up alerts more annoying than helpful, you can opt for notifications to only appear in the Action Center.

The frequency of your alerts and additional options will vary from app to app. Once there, scroll until you see the Get Notifications From These Senders section and tap the category. An advanced notification menu will appear. Toggle your preferred notifications, like sound options and alert style, on or off to customize your alerts. How to save a webpage as a PDF. Mac Mini vs. MacBook Air. The best Android phones for The best gaming phones for Best cheap iPad deals and sales for July Best cheap MacBook deals for July Best cheap VPN deals for July Best cheap GPU deals for July Best cheap SSD deals for July How to turn a PC or tablet into an Echo Show.

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