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Valuating an antiquarian book: Mr Expert provides free appraisals and helps you to sell at the best price. Biblio offers nearly million used books and rare books for sale from professional antiquarian booksellers around the world. Uncommonly good books found. I cannot thank her enough for her confidence in me and her unwavering passion for opening its rare book collection to me ; Becky Cape and Sue Presnell.

viaLibri – The world’s largest search engine for old, rare & second-hand books.


If you wish, they also perform professional antique book appraisals online with proper documentation of a book’s value.

Value My Stuff – Although this valuation isn’t completely free, it’s very low cost. You can send a photo of your item and answer a few questions, and within 48 hours, you receive a complete valuation by auction house experts. Rare Book Buyer – A free valuation done by rare book specialists, this is a good option if you need a totally free book appraisal. On the don side, the value may be lower than buyers might pay, since the site also specializes in selling books and will likely make an offer if your book is of interest to them.

The entire communication is conducted over email. Do Your Own Research on Book Values You can often do your own informal old book appraisals and get as accurate an evaluation as when you try to get free book appraisals. Examine the Condition of Your Book Take a look at your book. A book from the mid s is not considered “old. For example, old family Bibles from the s really are quite common and lower priced than you might think.

Know what makes a book rare or important. If it has been censored or banned, for instance, it may be hard to find. First editions are usually more valuable as well. Understand what gives a book provenance, or a valuable sense of history. A book may be marked up by a previous owner, but if the owner was famous or important in some way, the “damage” can add to the value.

Provenance is important to rare book collectors. Look for Your Book at Specialty Retailers Next, do a rare book search on several sites that specialize in locating antique, collectible, and hard to find books such as Amazon , AbeBooks , and Vintage Books. Here is why: A local book dealer may have an interest in your book. It would benefit him to buy cheaply. On the internet, the person appraising the item can’t see important details like condition of the pages or cover.

The appraiser can’t tell you whether or not the author’s autograph is a forgery or not. Free valuations may come from a site with a vested interest, such as one that sells rare books. It is in their best interest to suggest a low value and ask to buy your book at that price. The value may not be accurate. If you do get a free appraisal, make sure that you know why you are getting it for free and make your decisions accordingly.

If the appraiser seems overly interested in your book, you may want to rethink your level of trust. Tips for Getting a Reputable Old Book Appraisal If you suspect you have a valuable old book, a professional book appraisal may be worth your investment.

These tips can help: The National Association of Professional Appraisers has a code of ethics that its members hold to. By using appraisers that are members of a reputable organization, you can help ensure that you are not dealing with someone that is unscrupulous or lacks credibility.

The Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America maintains of a list of reputable booksellers who offer appraisals. These businesses are proud of their reputations and can give you a fair antique book appraisal. Look for an appraiser who specializes in the specific type of book you have, since there are many sub-genres of rare books. For instance, if you have a rare medical book , you need a book appraisal from someone with a background in medical texts.

An appraiser with knowledge of your book type can give you a more accurate value. If you need to have a book appraisal online, choose an appraiser who can conduct a remote appraisal.

They should ask for lots of photos of your book, not just conduct the appraisal based on your assessment of it. Learn More About Your Book’s Value Free book appraisals can be helpful if you just want a general idea of what your book is worth. How to Identify a Rare Book. By Kate Miller-Wilson. Antique Furniture Appraisal Advice for Collectors.

Evaluating Antique Metal Bed Frames. Vintage Glass Cameos. How to Identify Vintage Kitchen Tools. Antique Dish Values. This would seem like a logical choice if it were not for the fact that a significant number of the books that are offered on antiquarian book sites are not described by their sellers as either. Binding type is not binary, so many sellers will leave this information blank and give a proper binding description in the full text of their cataloging comments. This is fine, except for the fact that many of our users only want first or early editions and are seriously annoyed by the quantity of cheap paperbacks that are returned in their search results.

If they try to avoid them by checking a binding option for hardcovers only then there is a real chance they may miss something they would want. So we give them an option that does that instead. There will always be a few paperbacks that slip through the cracks, but most of the junk will be removed.

Of course, there may be those who search on other sites for paperbacks only because they want the cheapest copy available of an ordinary book. In that case all you need to do is sort your results with the least expensive first. That should give you the best choice of what you want. And you might even find a hardcover copy selling for less than all the others.

Stranger things have happened. There is one new feature we have added to our redesign that appears to have gone unnoticed by most of our users. I hope that many of them will find it useful once they know that it is there. They might not have discovered it because it is invisible until invoked.

When not being used it hides on the search results page. You may already have noticed the checkbox that sits unobtrusively in the lower left corner of each description.

It shows a set of 5 icons which indicate various things you can do with the books you have selected. The first of these lets you select ALL the books on that page with just a single click.

Clicking the second icon will put all your selected items onto your clipboard. The third icon creates and populates a separate page that displays all your selected items useful for printing. The last icon can be used for sharing with social media. For many, however, the most useful icon will be the one that looks like a tiny trash bin. Clicking on that tool lets you remove from your search results all the items that you have selected using the checkboxes. This is not a completely new feature.

Our previous version was also able to do this, only with a few different steps. The new version was delayed because of a few backend improvements that proved to be more complicated than expected. We also told ourselves that it was a minor feature that only a handful of power users would be looking for while we worked to finish it off. On that we were definitely mistaken. In all the feedback we have had so far during beta testing nothing has received more requests or comments than this feature and its omission.

I hope you will have a chance to use it and the other tool tray features soon. More feedback is welcome, as always. It was more than three weeks ago that we first announced the public launch of the beta version of the redesigned viaLibri website, but it was still a work in progress. The new site had already been under development for over 3 years and in that time had undergone a substantial update in both features and appearance. We knew that change is always dangerous when attempting to update a website that already had a loyal and contented following.

We also knew that over the years our regular users have always been generous with suggestions and feedback. Their observations had always been a valuable guide to our evolving design. For those reasons we were eager to know how they would react to the changes we were preparing to show to them. We were also eager to receive their feedback and make sure that the website we were trying to build for them would still be the tool they actually wanted to use.

We were thus very gratified by the initial response from our bookselling colleagues and other long time users.

But the most useful responses were the ones we received from many of our long-standing and regular users, some of whom we had never heard from before, who waited for several days before sending their long and carefully described verdicts. From these we learned many useful things.


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Finding the value of old books


Do you have an old or antiquarian book and would like to know its value? You might think it’s a rare and valuable book but don’t know where to find its value? One very simple method of finding an approximate value of a book is rare book collectors near me free search for similar copies on AbeBooks.

The sellers on AbeBooks. Well known to book collectors and booklovers, our site is an excellent resource for discovering a rough value of an old book. AbeBooks has been part of the rare book world since going live in When searching on AbeBooks, it’s important to find copies that match the book in your possession as accurately as possible. Search carefully and avoid spelling mistakes. Look inside the book and identify the book’s publisher – complete the publisher field but out terms like limited, company or press.

If possible identify нажмите для деталей book’s date of publication. Complete the date fields – if you have identified the exact year of publication then put the same date into both fields. If you are unsure, you may to wish to search for books between two defined dates – rare book collectors near me free and The keyword field is useful if you know the illustrator’s name or some other defining aspect like the book’s binding perhaps конечно, windows 10 1903 minimum disk space free download кажется leather or cloth.

The search results will be presented by the lowest price first. Scroll through the listings and read how the booksellers have described the books. Look for a listing that is similar to your book. Please remember that адрес страницы old or antique book is not necessary valuable just because it’s old. Common books like the works of William Shakespeare, prayer books, bibles and encyclopedias were printed in huge quantities during the Victorian источник and usually have little value.

AbeBooks is very useful for finding an approximate value of a book but don’t use that value for insurance purposes. If you really need a documented estimate of a book’s value for probate or insurance purposes then visit your local rare bookshop and pay for a formal appraisal.

Condition is rare book collectors near me free important and will greatly influence value. A beaten-up old book that is falling apart will have little value. First editions are sought-after by book collectors and a first edition is usually more valuable than a later printing.

A first edition signed by the author will have even greater value. For hardcover books published from the 20th century onwards, the presence of a dust jacket and its condition also greatly по этому адресу value.

If you are having difficulty understanding some of the terms used by rare booksellers, refer to our glossarywhich also includes a guide to used book conditions and book sizes. June 03, Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email. Search for books Author.

How to search on AbeBooks to find the value of your book:. Key factors that influence book values. Play Now. Video Companion. How much is my old book worth? Collecting guides Book collecting. More to explore.

See all features. Rare book collectors near me free 02, Browse a one-of-a-kind selection of unique items sold by professional sellers. From stunning landscapes to celebrity head shots, find daguerrotypes, cabinet cards, CDVs, photogravures and more.

Explore a vast selection of rare back editions of vintage magazines, periodicals and rare book collectors near me free from Time and Life to Vogue and Vanity Fair.