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Yui Komori used to see dead people. Because it turns out that her own history is very different from what she thought it was, and she has a very different kind of family waiting for her. A girl finds herself in a house full of bloodthirsty vampires. Unable to escape and with traditional anti-vampire weapons being useless, she becomes lost within diabolik lovers pc game english labyrinth of hallways. After being told to behave or face certain doom, Yui is coerced by Ayato to skip class, and she submits to his every whim.

Ayato has claimed Yui as his own and is furious diabolik lovers pc game english discover the bite marks of http://replace.me/23555.txt. He confronts the culprit and a game of darts will decide who Yui belongs to in the end. Yui, still intent on escaping the horrors of the mansion, learns a shocking truth from one of her oppressors. More information is revealed to Yui about the brothers’ past, even as she endures her life’s blood being drained by two of them.

Yui continues to struggle diabolik lovers pc game english to life with the vampire brethren. Subaru grants her desire to flee, but something is keeping her there…. A mysterious woman gives Yui a chance to look продолжение здесь the past, when Ayato and his brothers were young boys. Yui seeks out Shu to ask him about the sudden chest pains she is experiencing, but instead she learns more about her later father.

Amid Yui’s growing concern for her safety, the boys uncle appears, and shows her the reason she has stayed alive this long. Cordelia and Richter are reunited once again. Ayato demands to know what has happened to Yui. A fight breaks out between the boys and Richter, and while Ayato problaims Yui to be his, Richter brandishes a knife…. The struggle between Yui and Cordelia for control over the body comes to a head.

The diabolik lovers pc game english здесь a plan to get rid of Cordelia for good. Mature audience only. Diabolik lovers pc game english Lovers. Buy season. Can’t play on this device. Check system requirements. Available on HoloLens.

Mobile device. Xbox Http://replace.me/8687.txt Yui Komori used to see dead people. Episodes 1. Episode 1. Episode 2. Episode 3. Episode 4. Episode 5. Episode 6. Episode 7. Episode 8. Episode 9. Episode Additional information Networks Anime.

Networks Anime. Subtitles English. Released year Age rating Mature audience only. Genres Anime. Duration 12 episodes 3 h 10 min. Additional terms Terms of transaction. Windows Windows 8, Windows 8.


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The heroine, Yui Komori, is a positive-thinking girl who, nevertheless, is troubled by seeing spirits and experiencing poltergeist phenomena. She ends up having to choose one of them to drink her blood. So begins her journey into the darkness. A jailbroken Playstation Vita device. Here is the link to our patch.

The patch size after extracting is 2. But we will stop if our patch is leaked outside of those who were sent it. Ive seen reddit posts complaining about how the patch is not free. I just wanted to let you know that many otome fans like me appreciate the blood sweat and tears you guys put into this.

Buying the game and supporting both the original creators along with the patch team should be a no brainer, sadly some people can be very entitled. I sent you an email of proof if purchase via amazon, if this is not sufficient ill send a pick of the cartrage when it arrives.

Yes this patch only works with a jailbroken vita. With what has happened recently, I was wondering if you guys will still send the patch to those that purchased the game? Thanks for your time in advance! I placed the repatch folder at the root of the Vita, but should I put it in a specific folder?

My current firmware is 3. Your config. I have send a mail witch a screenshot of the proof to get the patch but now answer yet. Have I something wrong? I am looking into buying a PS Vita so i can get this. Is there a way to jailbreak it and change it to 3. And may i ask for the price? I am still waiting on my copy of the game, shipping has been very slow. Would I still be able to get a patch of the game sent to me? I read from tumblr a lot has happened regarding this patch so I just wanted to clarify.

You can take a photo of it with your email written in a paper in the photo and send that photo to us. Sorry for bothering you! Hello I was just wondering if you are still doing patches? If so all I need to do is send you proof of my purchase correct? You can buy the digital copy of the game regardless of your country. Just register a Japan PSN account. Will the english patch work if I do that? Also is there a way to store the english patch on the sd2vita?

SD2Vita uses the spot where you put cartridge, so you should buy digital version of the game if you want to play it with sd2vita. If you use sony memory card: buy the physical copy. Patch will be stored in sony memory card. The size of the patch is 2. Hi, do you know where I can buy the game?

Thanks so much for the Patch! Runs perfectly with physical copy. Thank you. After deleting all the plugins, installing again and checking for updates, then rebooting, the issue was finally fixed! My apologies, and thank you all again for the wonderful patch! I jailbroke my vita, and I installed the patch but the games still coming up in Japanese.

Please provide me screenshots of: 1. Where do I buy the Japanese version of the game? Just jailbroke my vita to play this, will get the game soon. I am very excited to play, I am very disappointed that it got leaked. People should respect the conditions you made.

Why people gotta be so cheap? If I were to make a new PSN account and buy the game from the indonesian PS store this is the cheapest place I could find would i then be allowed to send that proof of purchase and recieve the patch? And could i then download a rom for the game and install to my vita with my primary PSN account?

If this is an acceptable approach, would the patch work on a rom, on my vita with firmware 3. Thank you in advance. Then you can send me the proof of purchasing. And yes, you can download the rom and use it with your primary account afterwards. If you can install vitashell and repatch plugin, the patch will work for your vita. The game should arrive before the end of this month. Would you please let me know if you are still providing the patch to those who can provide proof of purchase?

Thank you sincerely for your time. So I should be good right? Hey I have a question. Will there be a possible English patch for the Nintendo switch version?

Although i have a newer version of the switch and still need to wait for a jailbreak for it. But will there be a possibility? I just wanna say thank you so much for this patch!!!! Keep working hard and thanks so much again! I sent an email yesterday asking for the English patch along with proof of purchase hope what I sent was sufficient. I have never had a PS Vita but am interested in playing the game and getting the patch. I do not know much about any PS Vitas so was wondering which one I should buy or what are the requirements I should look for when purchasing one or will I be having to do all of that myself after purchasing it?

I think the safest way is to purchase a new Playstation vita, any firmware that are lower or equal to 3. Hello, I know this is the wrong place to write questions but, when you will finish translate brothers conflict? You said that you need firmware below 6.

How would I know whether a ps vita I buy has the correct firmware to use this patch? I just bought the game cartridge and I am currently waiting for it to come in. Thank you for your support! Hello, i bought this game for my PSP about 2 years back and then my charger gave out before i could test the game out. Will i still be eligible to get the english patch?

I have a custom PSV firmware using enso so that henkaku is permanently installed, will this work with the patch? Is this patch available still? I am planning to get a ps vita for just the Diabolik Lovers games. Dont want to buy it if it is not available. So if I buy the game on ebay will a screenshot of the purchases work? I plan to buy it, but I would like to wait to make sure an ebay purchase works. I bought diabolik lovers more blood haunted bride limited v. Also want to know if the patch is still available?

They could be scammers. Hi, I installed the game from my henkaku vita, not bought My vita is pirated already, and I downloaded the game from the pirated installer for games. Will I need to send a proof and will it work on my vita? You still have to buy the game. The patch works flawlessly with legit purchased copies. Hi i have the limited v edition that has both haunted bridal and more blood in it would the patch still work?

I think yes but you might need to customize something to get it working. My best bet would be get the single Limited V Edtion. Hi there! I just have a question that I hope you will be able to answer. Before I decide to go buying the game and also jailbreaking my vita. Thanks Hope this help!


Diabolik lovers pc game english

Diabolik Lovers More, Blood Overview ; PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita · Everyone (PEGI 3) · out of 10 · English, Japanese, German · Text. Diabolik Lovers is a unique PC game designed for amid gamers using Windows PCs. Exceptional graphics quality and smooth performance make it.


Diabolik Lovers Limited V Edition English Patch – Otome hearts.Diabolik Lovers Game Download Free For PC

And could i then download a rom for the game and install to my vita with my primary PSN account? The cookie is used to store the user consent for the diabolik lovers pc game english in the category “Other. Нажмите чтобы узнать больше this game available to more eenglish particularly as the Vita is entering its end of life would mean so much to me. I just emailed my proof of purchase! Support Potential Releases.