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This was easy to set up, and I found that it initially does a full backup with incremental backups following the full backup. If the user wants a continuous backup of their hard drive, there is also a non-stop backup feature which I did not use but that appeared to be useful. There is a recovery mode for each type of backup which allows the user to recover their information from a stored backup.

I have not used the recovery features at this point so I cannot comment on how effective or easy they are to use. There is also a feature that allows the user to start recovery of their computer when it is booted, but again I had no need to try this feature. I did note, however, that the user needs to have already created a backup image or backed up the whole disk drive before using this feature. One neat application allows the user to create a disk image with one click of the mouse which will make it easy to create the needed disk image for the above recovery feature.

Additional features include a utility to overwrite information located on a hard disk or to overwrite an individual file. There are a number of other options available with this software, but I did not use or change anything other than what was noted earlier. Since there is very little documentation related to the software, most of what I discovered was by trial and error.

I would recommend that other users do the same. In my opinion, this backup and data recovery software by Acronis is more than most home users may want or need and less than most businesses may want. The software has more backup and recovery features than most users need for an individual computer, but not enough features for small and medium-sized businesses to protect their computers.

I would say it is geared more for the tech- savvy home user who runs a small network with more than one computer. I gave the Acronis True Image software a try because I wanted a backup solution for Windows Vista that was eaiser and more comprehensive than me manually backing up files.

Acronis True Image did not take too long to install, although entering in the extremely long product key was a bit of a pain. The software itself was not complicated to use. The actual backup process was not difficult, but I noticed that the estimates of the time that it took to back up the data was completely inaccurate. It ranged from 15 minutes to 3, days. The backup file image was very large, but it was one complete backup of the most vital parts of my computer, so I can’t complain.

If you intend on using this software, I suggest you get an external hard drive to store the backups on so you don’t lose precious space. I really wanted to try the Acronis Try and Decide feature. Basically you turn this on and then you can do whatever you want like visit unsafe websites or open unsafe programs. If you do something that harms your computer you can just roll it back with the software. I enabled it, and it took quite awhile to get it going.

Once it was running I didn’t notice any slow down of performance. I then decided that I didn’t want any changes to my PC and turned it off. A restart was all that was needed. The only downside of this software is that you are only expected to run Try and Decide for short periods of time, and it usually takes most users a while to try new software, so that feature may not be as useful to most users as it claims.

You can’t have any defrag software running while you are using it either or else it may harm your computer. I wonder how this affects systems that have the defragmentation automatically running. Make sure you check and turn it off. The user interface was very basic, at the same time it wasn’t very user friendly as it could have been. Still, I don’t see anything glaringly awful about it. I think you maybe need to shop around for a backup utility first, but I don’t see anything too awful about this software.

I ended up not using it because my computer comes with and Easy Backup built-in for external hard drives. If your computer doesn’t have one then I don’t think there is anything wrong with this one, although there may be other solutions that may suit you better. This product obviously works for many people, or the company would have folded. But their service is so poor that I wonder how they’ll continue to compete. Bought this with a new internal HD for auto backups.

System install was a mess. Win XP SP3, latest updates of everything, plenty of spare disk space and processor power. But after a few hours, gave up and tried to contact service.

Each response took several days, and would include just one little suggested tweak. Went around a few times with updating to latest software release, adjusting a large number of settings per their instructions and those on several forums , etc. Still could not make backups without various error messages and occasional hard crashes.

More hours, more days of waiting for service replies. Finally stalled with auto-backups not working due to alleged lack of disk space, though there was plenty – program just refused to delete old backups. Finally got Acronis to agree to call me. Made two appointments for their choice of time; they never called. Wrote to company asking for a refund. They refused; said again that they would call.

They didn’t. Wrote to let them know how disappointed I was, and planned to share with this community. All of a sudden, daily phone calls. First few no help. I told them please just to leave me alone. One service guy said that losing a customer was like dying for him.

I said that refunding the cost of this program seemed like a pretty cheap way to avoid dying. But they still refused. That level of service may not warrant your business or your tens of hours of potentially wasted time.

Oh, yeah – didn’t get the rebate; they won’t send one to a POB even if there’s no other mailing address available, as for people in the services. Over the years, I’ve lost info to all sorts of things from hard drive crashes to a virus, but mainly due to my own tendency to mess around with my computers. I teethed on DOS and never lost that love of experimentation.

The point is, I’m forever filling my drive with photos because I somehow manage to end up with multiple copies of each huge file that’s my fault and pretty soon, I’m running out of gigabytes again. Being impatient and really hating to read directions — I prefer to let my fingers take over — I’ll use a nice little program like Double-Killer free to weed out the extras, but not bother to make sure I’m keeping the right ones. It would take hours and hours to check them, so I inevitably find out I’ve deleted the wrong files at least half the time.

Okay, two-thirds of the time. I use Carbonite — cloud back-up — religiously, but if I’ve deleted the wrong photos and haven’t noticed this for at least a month I think , Carbonite assumes I don’t want them anymore and deletes them as well.

And of Course I forget to check them all, so I also back up on an external hard drive. Two of them they tend to die without warning. This would be perfect if I kept them up to date all the time, but, well. I forget. That’s why I ordered Acronis True Image.

It’s another line of defense and quicker to go through than searching Carbonite or my external hard drives. Also, I really get tired of having to restore my hard drive set-up after I’ve done something stupid.

That’s the other reason. In the past, I’ve used Ghost, but didn’t care for it. After installing Acronis without much difficulty I found out that I didn’t care much for it either, but at least I know why: my hard drive, as usual, is too full.

Acronis works for my bit gig Toshiba , but far too slowly and it eats up what little space I’ve cleared. I have a Pro Flickr account, so I’m in the process of uploading every last photo and only keeping the ones I use frequently on the computer itself. I have a feeling that once that’s completed, I’ll be able to use Acronis as it’s meant to be used and that if I have a blue screen of death or other monster-failure, I’ll be able to reboot quickly and repair my machine without program loss.

Acronis does do a nice backup job, as far as it can go right now. It backs up constantly in the background and I can pick and choose what I want to back-up at any given time. You can also make a full, complete backup – at least if you have space! Since Carbonite and Flickr and even my external backups are nearly all data files, I’m relying on Acronis for program backup and imaging my disk. I’m only backing up a few programs at this point – one’s I’d have difficulty restoring — and I’m very pleased with True Image’s ability to do only what I need for now.

I can also edit the back-up, send changes to my external drives and easily make a life-saving boot CD. A very nice feature is that Acronis True Image allows me to restore things while I’m using my computer. This version doesn’t include any anti-virus protection, but I don’t want it; I’m happy with Microsoft’s free anti-virus program. Tech guru Leo LaPorte says it’s just fine, and he seems to be right, as usual. He was certainly right about investing in Carbonite.

Would I buy it again? I don’t know yet. I’ll get back to you on that once I have the disk space to really give True Image a workout. It’s fine on the few programs I’ve backed up with it for safe-keeping already. I’m reviewing now because I have a feeling a lot of us have the overflowing disk problem, whether it’s due to games, movies, music, photos, or some other reason I haven’t thought of.

Such a skilled backup and recovery tool especially designed for Netbooks is available for you as Acronis True Image Home Netbook Edition. The program has the capability to backup entire important data such as documents, images, music, applications, and settings; and to recover data in case any disaster occurs.

Using the Acronis True Image Home Netbook Edition is quite easy as the interface has been designed intuitively with simple features. The Home tab provides you with the option to create Backup and Recover files, along with details relating the Recent backups and My favorites. With the next step you get the features to choose which files, folders, partitions, or drives you want to backup using the program. Third step allows you to creation of new backup archive and specify the backup location or adding the files to an existing backup archive.

Acronis True Image Home Netbook Edition application facilitates backup creation and recovery of your Netbook data, with expertise. It’s very likely that this is software is malicious or contains unwanted bundled software. Users are advised look for alternatives for this software or be extremely careful when installing and using this software.

This software is no longer available for the download. This could be due to the program being discontinued , having a security issue or for other reasons.

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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Acronis True Image Home [Old Version] at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from. Acronis True Image Home Netbook Edition application facilitates backup creation and recovery of your Netbook data, with expertise. Acronis True Image Home · Security Updates · Licensing, Requirements, Features & More · How-tos · Technical Questions & Known Solutions – Installation, Update.


Acronis True Image Home – free download for Windows – Have peace of mind knowing your devices and backups are protected

Acronis True Image Home is a free trial software published in the Other list of programs, part of System Utilities. This program is available in English. Acronis True Image protects your files, pictures, videos, operating system, applications, settings, and preferences. If your PC or Mac is lost, stolen.