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Vmware workstation 12 enable 3d acceleration free download.How To Install Windows 98 Second Edition Virtual Machine using VMware Player

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Vmware workstation 12 enable 3d acceleration free download


Although I personally prefer VirtualBox as a virtualization technology, I found that it was lacking in its support for Windows 9x operating systems. As Windows 98 Second Edition is my old operating system of choice as it is the era that I am currently most concerned with and is the operating system that I perform most of my testing in, I like to have a fully operational system with sound, graphics and networking. I used to use VMware Workstation Pro, however Player does enough feature wise and is free to download.

Personally, I would always recommend using a physical machine if you can. Certainly for gaming, as I have found virtualisation can get a bit iffy with some 3D acceleration.

Also virtualization is leaps and bounds faster than physical, even if you are running beyond the recommended hardware specs for the operating system. You will need to know, or have the following to be able to proceed with this. Only begin the process once you have confirmed you have the following. I personally have copies of the Windows 98 Second Edition installation media with me, I have digital copies of these on my personal home server that I use for setting up virtual machines.

Copies of the CD-ROM and bootable floppy disk are widely available online, however for safety I would suggest downloading it from somewhere like Archive.

If you have a physical CD-ROM and floppy disk then you can certainly connect the virtual machine to these drives on your host, however you may find the installation process is much slower than using digital copies.

For this to work properly you will need to be using a host that can do virtualization. This is enabled via a technology referred to as VT-x. For many pre-built systems such as those from large manufacturers like Dell, HP or Lenovo VT-x is likely disabled by default and will require enabling. Check your vendors documentation on how to enable this — however the process between vendors is rather simple and this blog entry at helpdeskgeek. Not all systems can virtualize however — some lower end processors, laptops or tablets may not support virtualization.

Beyond enabling VT-x, you will also need to consider system resources on your host that you will need to allocate to the virtual machine. My personal preference is overkill when dedicating resources to the virtual machine, this means that I need to ensure I can spare MB of RAM and anywhere between 10 to 30GB of hard disk space. In the world of virtualization you will often hear the terms host and guest.

Host may also be referred to as hyper-visor. A host is the system to which the virtualisation software sits on. In this case it is likely your normal desktop PC or laptop. A guest is used to describe any operating system that exists virtually under the host. In this case Windows 98 Second Edition is a guest on your host computer.

I write this guide expecting that you will be using the latest Microsoft operating system at the time of writing, Windows However the basics will apply to Windows 7, 8 and 8. For Linux users VMware do develop a.

OK so hopefully you have successfully set up the virtual machine as per the instructions above, and you are sitting at the Microsoft Windows 98 Startup Menu prompt. So hopefully you have successfully installed the operating system files onto your virtual hard disk and the virtual machine is now showing a frankly beautiful Welcome to Windows 98 dialog box. If you follow this guide I am certain that you will end up with a high quality virtual machine ready for whatever you wish to throw at it.

Of course things may be slightly different depending on the version of install media you choose — if things are greatly different please let me know in the comments as it would be interesting to see how. So to avoid a lot of time loss I highly suggest following the following steps to quickly take a copy of the virtual hard disk file, so that in a case of emergency you can quickly roll back to this fresh copy.

Many people after achieving the above wonder how they can get their software such as old versions of Microsoft Office or their games into their virtual machine. The easiest way is via. ISO files. You can see this guide which explains how to create. ISO files in moments using free software such as ImgBurn. ISO files you find online you should be able to mount into your virtual machine without too much issue.

Take it from me, getting on-line with Windows 98 SE is pretty miserable. The operating system includes Internet Explorer 5 by default which can just about load google. As you can imagine anything remotely complex causes all kinds of strange behaviour and rendering issues. I have had some success getting online with an old version of the K-Meleon web browser version 1. Keep in mind that most software made for the Windows 98 era which had on-line functionality probably no longer works.

If the software asks to reach out to the internet, try and get it to use your LAN connection sometimes referred to as a T1 connection which is how your Windows 98 SE virtual machine is connecting out to the internet.

If you have followed the guide above your Windows 98 Second Edition virtual machine is probably runnning at a safe x pixels — which although perfect for the era, can appear tiny on p screens or barely visible on anything higher. Luckily the VMware SVGA II graphics adapter can support some truly bonkers resolutions for the era, with my virtual machine supporting a close p resolution.

I personally find x pixels to be a comfortable resolution for Windows 98 but many software items from the era begin to look odd at any resolution above x for widescreen or x for standard aspect ratio. Windows 98 was one of the last operating systems by Microsoft that was built on top of a DOS base layer. This meant that it has fantastic backwards compatiblity with software developed for earlier operating systems Windows 95, Windows 3.

Simple DOS applications run OK but anything more demanding such as games can have performance, input or sound issues. Thank you very much for this excellent, clear description!

Thanks so much it worked really well!! Love seeing something so old. Running Windows 98 on Windows 10!! Thanks so much for this. Thanks the install went great the only thing that does not work is the microphone in windows 98 SE. Works fine in the host windows ten. What did I do wrong? Color and sound works great.

Thank You again. Worked great. Any advice? Hi Matt, it should be as simple as typing cd C: which will change your prompt from A: to C: and then if you type dir you should get the list of the files on the OS drive. Hi, I love the clarity of this guide. Do you have any suggestions? Hi again — re my comment, I think the problem is caused by choosing to install the VMware tools when the prompt appears in a toolbar at the bottom of the vm window. By ignoring this I was able to go ahead with the guest OS installation.

Hi David, sorry to hear that you have encountered this error. I have only ever seen this sort of behaviour if the intial copy process from CD has failed or is copying corrupted files.

Can you confirm what installation media you are using? Microsoft released a few variants for Windows 98 through-out its lifespan and I wonder if you are using older installation media that is not liking the processor in your modern machine. Just installed 98SE with the help of this installation-guide Works great!! Thank you very much. Doesnt work for me. I did the full process again and it still did not work. If so, what is the source of your Windows 98 ISO?

Thank you so much for this. So good to have someone writing on-line who knows how to provide good, clear instructions. It is awesome to have my Windows 98 desktop back! Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Skip to content Computing How to Guides. Table of Contents. Reply Thanks so much it worked really well!! Reply Thanks the install went great the only thing that does not work is the microphone in windows 98 SE. Dan Reply Worked great. Reply Hi Matt, it should be as simple as typing cd C: which will change your prompt from A: to C: and then if you type dir you should get the list of the files on the OS drive. Dan Reply Great job! Reply Hi, I love the clarity of this guide. Reply Hi again — re my comment, I think the problem is caused by choosing to install the VMware tools when the prompt appears in a toolbar at the bottom of the vm window.

How do I progress please. Laptop is a dell inspiron 17 Reply Hi David, sorry to hear that you have encountered this error.


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